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Comprehension Toolkit


“We teach the reader, not just the reading. We want children to be lifelong learners who read actively and independently across the curriculum, who engage their minds and understand what they read. The Toolkit lessons and practices teach kids to use comprehension strategies to ‘read to learn’ as they encounter information and ideas in a wide variety of nonfiction texts.”
—Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis




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Text Connections

Teach the reading and analysis of key text types, using four types of books, plus poetry.
Leveled texts, organized into K-6 topic sets with poetry anthologies, build knowledge and develop literacy skills.

  • Informational, Opinion, and two Narrative books explore one topic in diverse ways.
  • Close Reading instruction is explicitly supported in each book’s Teacher’s Guide.
  • Text-Dependent Comprehension cards provide prompts for evidence-based answers.
  • Cross-Text Analysis cards for each topic set encourage evaluation of content.

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ACT Now!

Act NowDevelop close reading skills through guided collaborative practice.

Close reading books for Grades 3-8 contain six units, each linked by a common theme with three reading passages of increasing length and complexity.

  • Expose students to a wide range of genres and text types.
  • Consumable student books encourage annotation on the page.
  • Collaborative conversations build speaking and listening skills.

Teacher’s Guides include links to key standards and suggestions for citing text evidence. Model Lessons for Close Reading professional development book helps scaffold the close reading process.

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