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STAAR Master Companion Series Reading & Math


Now your STAAR® program can be stronger than ever!

ALL-NEW STAAR MASTER® Companion Student Work Texts Repeated test practice in a themed lesson/unit format that incorporates a new, “mixed-practice” approach to cover the entire learning process.

Highlights of Companion Work Texts for Reading:

  • Authentic reading passages reflect the kinds of selections students might encounter on the actual STAAR®
  • Texts are appropriate for grade level (based on several readability formulas)
  • Questions and activities focus on the STAAR-eligible reading TEKS
  • Questions and activities labeled for easy identification of the TEKS-based standard and expectation
  • Questions and activities labeled with complexity level (L = Low, M = Moderate, H = High)
  • Material arranged in lessons (or units)
  • Separate activities provided for prereading, vocabulary, passage summary, practice, reading strategies, and post-reading
  • Web-based reading extension provided at the end of each lesson

Highlights of Companion Work Texts for Math:

  • Introductory pages present each new topic or skill
  • Numerous examples provide clear, concise explanations for new topics or skills
  • Questions and activities focus on the STAAR®-eligible mathematics TEKS
  • Activities labeled for easy identification of the TEKS-based standard and expectation
  • Activities labeled with complexity level (L = Low, M = Moderate, H = High)
  • Questions and prompts encourage peer interaction, discussion of learning tasks, and different problem-solving methods
  • Open-ended and extended-response tasks require students to do more than “find the right answer”
  • Clear emphasis on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary

When paired with our STAAR MASTER Student Practice Books, your classrooms will be fully prepared to achieve STAAR success!


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Fountas & Pinnell Literacy


Fountas and Pinnell Literacy



Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ is a comprehensive, systematic approach to high-quality literacy instruction.




AssessmentAssessment   F&P Assessment
The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems are accurate and reliable tools to identify the instructional and independent reading levels of all students and document student progress through one-on-one formative and summative assessments.





Classroom ResourcesClassroom Resources   F&P Classroom Resources
Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Resources maximize student learning with systematic lessons, student books and materials, and powerful tools that guide teachers’ language and actions and support them in expert decision making for high-impact literacy instruction.





InterventionIntervention   F&P Intervention
Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention is a short-term, supplementary intervention proven to bring struggling readers to grade-level competency with engaging leveled books and fast-paced, systematically designed lessons.





Professional BooksProfessional Books   F&P Professional Books
Fountas & Pinnell Professional Books empower teachers with highly effective instructional procedures and the latest in literacy thinking to elevate their expertise and help build a community of skillful, informed educators.





Professional DevelopmentF&P Professional Development
Fountas & Pinnell Professional Development offers options and opportunities to further develop the teaching craft and foster a climate of collegiality and community through School-Based Seminars, Multi-Day Institutes, and Live Webinars.